better post it here too :33

better post it here too :33

DH predictions

I want another Puma vs hero finals but I see keen winning it would be adorable I dont see a foreigner winning unless someone gets really easy brackets/groups 

GESL predications

alicia wins :3 second at MLGm hes protoss and hes vs a bunch of second string foreigners and a few struggling koreans 

dreamhack+<MLG predictions

PuMa wins dreamhack

MC wins MLG

fuck mkp hope parting fucks up his shit in the first game

tfw you beat someone with the same iD as you

tfw you beat someone with the same iD as you

ipl4 champ bracket predictions

IPL 4 predictions

Outside of the GSL IPL4 is going to be by far the most stacked tournament to date. The amount of koreans attending is disgusting I wouldnt be surprised to see a top 20 korea(if thats possible) ,Two GSTL finalist’s with players participating I wouldn’t be surprised if one of those players made it far. 

open bracket predictions

MVP will overcome his exploded wrists after training with IM_Stumpy ,Jjakji will also do really well and not enough people give curious credit . I’ll do groups nearer the time when people have qualified.

MVP ,bomer, jjakji or byun are my picks to win 

opinions MLG Columbus


Stream had multiple problems throughout from the audio levels being completely fucked too a jittering/flickering stream. The low quality was horrendous atleast past events you could make out the game to some extent. Medium quality was alright I guess but it was too good for my connection? fuck knows. I usually watch on the stream because the 360p actually runs quite well for me but for some reason MLG pulled the stream half way through the event so I had to endure 240p. 

The audio was always an issue at points the advertisements being way too loud so I put on my adblock, then game sounds then no sound what so ever, same with interviews or just being thrown back to casters with no audio introducing the show.

Something that really pissed me off was when they decided to show demuslim vs DRG on the free stream which went to game 3 but they pulled the stream to put it on the paid stream, They shouldnt have shown it at all if they had to follow a schedule, I think they shouldnt start the broadcast with the paid streams everything should start at the same time or atleast the streams. 

The casters

From what I watched its quite clear that US has quite a huge lack of good casters. I really dont enjoy the beta stream casters one bit just found them annoying. Tasteless and artosis is watchable just for the fact you can watch tasteless slowly wither away he’s just completely clueless. He used to be the caster that would explain to the lesser knowledgeable viewers what was going on now he just rambles on what he thinks going on when its quite the opposite I feel sorry for artosis. Jp and rob simpson is quite possibly the worst combination ive ever had to listen to(maybe second to anyone and kelly milkies) at one point a terran threw down an armory and rob said to JP “do you think we’ll see thors?” in a TvP mid game while the factory is floating in the toss base? really how does someone with so little game knowledge get such a job, I know JP was pretty much forced into casting hes actually improved a lot but hes still pretty low on the casting tier. SHout9 being narcissistic as much as possible throughout the broadcast wasnt expecting more, I like djwheats casts he isnt retarded. 

The end game analysis idea should be to someone who is actually knowledgeable about the game not fucking JP and rob simpson. 

The games

Majority were pretty boring polt stephano as usual Huk vs Naniwa game, crazymovings ZvP and a couple others pretty much only games I enjoyed, marinekings games are just stupid. Heart did pretty amazing to finish fourth coming out of the open bracket even if he did cheese quite a bit. Dissapointed in aLive I really thought he should have made it much higher. Socke did awesomely beating theStC alone is pretty impressive.


Everyone gives this guy praise but he consistently fucks up names first Naniwa and now polt and MKP, does he not think before he says anything? just because someone can speak publicly shouldn’t be a reason to hire them they should atleast be fucking competent 


instinct vs SQ ? watched the last map looks like the threat of the game being dropped made it quite enjoyable. Pleasantly surprised 

Lone star clash predictions

Lone star clash predictions

feels good 

feels good